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Polyester / Cotton / TC fabric

All kinds of poplin fabric dough are clean, smooth fabric, fine texture, grain grain, shiny and soft, smooth, soft and smooth. However, poplin fabrics have major disadvantages and longitudinal cracks are likely to occur due to the sewn clothing. This is because the difference between the weft density and the weft density between poplars is large, the strengths of the warp and weft are not uniform, and as a result, it is about twice the strength of the fabric. As a result, although ordinary fabric is ordinary fabric, although the difference is relatively large, drape is good, more detailed, rich in touch, rich in vision, ordinary fabric is moderate thickness, but very It can not be a delicate feel. Poplin is mainly used for shirts, summer clothes, everyday clothes.

Product Features

1. Flexible fabrics feel soft and comfortable.

2. Natural environmental protection green fabrics without stimulation.

3. Use of high-end technology, the color is gorgeous, high color fastness.

4. Wear-resisting not easy corrugate, dimension stability, not easy to shrink.


Material Specification Process
100%Polyester(100%T) T/C 90/10 T/C 80/20 T/C 65/35 100%Cotton Yarn Count Density Weight
Finished Width Greige Width Dyeing/ded jig dyeing continuous dyeing
24*24 80*60 140 150cm 63”
24*21 80*60 153 150cm 63”
21*21 88*60 170 150cm 63”
45*45 110*76 98 150cm 63”
45*45 133*72 115 150cm 63”
23*23 88*58 155 150cm 63”
21*21 88*58 170 150cm 63”


Packaging Details:

Rolled with paper tube inside and plastic outside or according to clints’requirement.

Delivery Details:

Shipped in 20 days after payment.


Shirting, Pocketing, Summer Uniform, Bedding, Lining, Robe, Etc.

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