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TV Cover 1

Size according to TV design
Dustproof, protect the core, easy to manage, beautiful
Color classification: white milky yellow purple red wine red gold silver grey color light gray gray green light blue blue blue black navy apricot light green light brown yellow green violet orange brown transparent color champagne lemon yellow the color of camel's hair dark grey purple pink chocolate color dark khaki color mei red sapphire watermelon red army green sky blue cyan light purple rice white pale pinkish grey peacock blue orange and purple chestnut lake blue fluorescent yellow fluorescent green dark brown green ginger yellow

Printed cloth, clear and simple, abrasion resistant to dirty, hand sewing, sturdy, pastoral style, lace style, contracted style, European style, sweet style, spend more style color, for you to choose from, decorate love family and enjoy life
Full package: top thickened, with inner bladder, more anti-dust, anti-aging
Pursue a healthy and comfortable lifestyle

It can protect the TV housing and slow the oxidation of the shell. It can prevent the dust from entering the machine and cause the motor to damage.
The strike operation and other situations have occurred, effectively extending the life of TV service
Protect the TV housing, protect the motor, decorate the home

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