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Cotton Twill Fabric


There are two kinds of rough twill and fine twill. Denim fabrics are used for warp and weft yarns of cotton yarns of 32 or more (above 18 English); fine twill fabrics are used for warp and weft yarns of cotton yarns of 18 or less (32 or more). Twill fabrics are available in white, bleached, and mottled colors and are commonly used in uniforms, sportswear, sports shoes, emery cloth backings and underlays. The wide-format bleached twill can be used as a sheet and can be used as a bed sheet after printing. Twill and mottled fine twill weaves are finished with electro-optic or calender finishing. They can be used as umbrellas and clothing clips.


1. Twill Woven fabric is a sturdy, fashionable & practical fabric.

2. Twill is an ideal fabric for designer to casual apparel,work,home furnishings, decorating, and accessories.

3. Twill has minimal shrinkage regardless of how you decide to wash& dry.


Item Composition Yarn Density Width Weight
Uniform fabric T/C 95/05
T/C 80/20
T/C 65/35
100% polyester
100% cotton
21*21 108*58 57/58” 185gsm
20*16 120*60 57/58” 235gsm
16*12 108*56 57/58” 275gsm
16*10 108*56 57/58” 285gsm
Noted Other size are also available


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