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Now most people begin to pursue the pastoral life of the city, during the holidays or rest of the time like to travel, especially to some kind of pure natural mountain or in the field, there are some people began to try to have dinner in the forest with tents, so now the tent also gradually entered the ordinary people's home.our company provide Canvas Fabric for sale,if you need Canvas Fabric,you can contact us.
But for the choice of the tent, the majority of people is not very clear, such as the tent is made of what, some of its functions, the tents that deserves to act the role of more comfortable, which tent is more suitable for the field, which tent is only suitable for indoor or leisure.
I am a manufacturer of canvas, I make most of the canvas used to make tents, a small number of used to make a hat, so for making tent fabric, I still have certain experience.I advise people to pay attention when they buy a tent. What do you buy a tent for, a field trip or a home stay?Field visit, be sure to choose the rain wear, he can effectively resist rain raids, and also can have better heat preservation effect, with the permeability is also can also, but if home leisure is the case, you will need to choose a professional waterproof cloth production, because this kind of fabric after the less machining process, the more environmental protection, at the same time, the permeability of he better, more suitable for the people in it to play, especially children.
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our company as a unbleached calico supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

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