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Canvas Facbric Maintenance and Use

The Canvas facbric is thick cotton and linen cloth. The name of the original use of the sail. More generally, we use each warp and weft strand, plain weave, a small amount of twill weave. Canvas is usually divided into two categories: rough canvas and fine canvas. Also known as canvas canopy cloth, common number (10 England branches) fabric rugged folding fabric 58 4-7 strands have good water resistance, covering the open storage of the car traffic field, and covering the tent I will. Fine canvas weft 58 Normally 6 to 28 Symbol Unit 2 is made (10 branches with 2 branches in 21/6 / English for English) for the manufacture of labor protection clothing and goods. It can also be used as shoes, traveling bags, backpacks, and other textiles after dyeing. Also, rubber canvas, fire, canvas and radiation shielding, canvas paper machine.
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Maintenance method of canvas :

1.First place, after washing the canvas waterproof sheet with spontaneous drying shade, accelerate aging without putting it under hot sun or high temperature baking to prevent back plastic or non-adhesion.

2. The force must be calm, even when cleaning. In order to avoid short-term, bouncy shoes, patterns and decorative elements, we can not force fierce brushes.

3. Avoid contact with sharp or sharp objects, to prevent scratches and scratches.

4. In case of a white canvas, please do not touch clean objects such as carbon ink. After cleaning this color canvas, please apply toothpaste or white choke powder. Pay attention to uniformity, dry and prevent discoloration by drying. Or find two white clean papers on top, dry them and tear them apart. Also, it can prevent discoloration.

5, broken canvas appears, drops, or decorative loose parts and other small problems need to be repaired promptly. Extend service life.

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