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Do you know the elastic fibers used in fabrics?

Do you know the elastic fibers used in fabrics? The following points are what you need to know:
the elastic fibers used in fabrics
1.Polyether ester elastic fiber+
Polyether ester elastomers are elastic fibers made from polyester and polyether copolymer by melt spinning.Polyether ester elastomeric fiber is similar to polyurethane elastomeric fiber structure and also has "section" structure characteristics.The "soft" segment is mainly the polyether segment, which has good softness, long chain and easy elongation and deformation.The "hard" segment is polyester segment, which is relatively stiff, easy to crystallize, and short. It plays a joint role when the fiber is stressed and deformed, which gives it elastic resilience and determines the strength and heat resistance of the fiber.
Polyether ester elastic fiber not only high strength, elasticity is also very good, also high melting point, and the PET fiber blended yarn, can be dyed under 120 ~ 130 ℃, thus can also be processed into elastic polyester fiber textiles.In addition, their good light resistance, resistance to chlorine bleaching, acid and alkali are better than ordinary spandex.
This kind of fiber also has the advantages of cheap raw materials, easy production and processing.
2.Composite elastic fiber (T400 fiber)
It is a new two-component composite elastic fiber made with dupont Sorona as the main material and ordinary PET by advanced composite spinning process.With natural permanent helix and excellent flexibility, elasticity, elastic resilience, color fastness and special soft touch, it can be separately pure weaving, also interweave with cotton, viscose fiber, polyester, polyamide fiber and other materials to form a variety of styles.
It not only solved the traditional fiber silk is not easy to dyeing, elastic excess, weaving complex, fabrics, size is not stable, and easy ageing, and many other problems in use process, and can be directly on the jet, water jet, shaft loom weaving, don't must be made as spandex coated before computer weaving yarn, reduce the cost of yarn, improve the quality of the product homogeneity.

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