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Do you know the factors that affect the price of cloth?

What factors affect fabric (Pocketing Fabric,Uniform Fabric) price?
For a staff working in the field of material procurement, for the factors affecting the price of fabrics have a basic understanding of the need, while the buyer is difficult to know the partners from the surface of fabrics of unreasonable price is reasonable, but the pricing is based on the fabric, we can through the production process and the fabric with the fabric pricing related factors about judgment.Here comes the point!What are the factors that affect fabric price?

factors affect fabric price

1. Reasons for grey cloth

A. grey cloth differs from loom to loom.
Including weave cloth, rapier loom weaving cloth, air-jet loom weaving cloth, the three, there are shuttle machine do because there will be relatively more park, so the lowest price, than rapier looms weave cloth, park has decreased, so the price slightly tall, air-jet loom to yarn request also is higher, so the production of air-jet loom cloth, is the best, the highest price.
In short, the more complex the manufacturing process, the more difficult the fabric.As for the difficulty of weaving, it can be understood that in the three original tissues, for example, cotton 40* 32/150 *78 *63 "(1/1) is more difficult to weaving. If it is satin, it is less difficult to weaving; if it is 2/1 twill, it is more difficult to weaving.Order of difficulty coefficient: 1/1 >, 2/1 >, 2/2 >, 3/1 >, 5/3 satin, so we can know the difference of fabric price in different organizational structure.
B. different yarn.
General comb and combing, combing than general comb cloth surface clean, dry clear, and the strength of cloth better.
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