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Domestic and foreign dye prices are climbing again

On April 2, the international dye giant Huntsman issued a price increase notice and the new price policy took effect on April 8. On the same day, global chemical supplier Kemira raised the price of dye products by 15% to 25%, and the price increase took effect from April 15. At the same time, the price of domestic dye enterprises rose again. On April 10, the price of disperse dyes was increased by 3,000 yuan/ton per ton again and rose to 53,000 yuan/ton, and it has risen 77% since the end of last year.
The dyeing price influence the polyester cotton fabric ,polyester fabric,cotton fabric price,then influence the garment price .
1.Why price increases?
Multiple factors supply and demand imbalance
This year's fierce rise in the price of dyes is staggering. The industry generally believes that this time the price increase is mainly limited by the environmental pressures.
It is reported that the domestic dye production base has limited start-up due to environmental reasons. Some small and medium-sized dye production plants have stopped production, and dye supplies have been under unprecedented pressure.
Affected by the exposure of dye intermediates in Hebei Province last year, the National Dye Production Park once again conducted a comprehensive environmental inspection. Especially in the dye production center - Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, the Environmental Protection Agency of the District requested that by the end of 2020, chemical companies outside the Hangzhou Bay Development Zone should be relocated to the park, and the total amount of chemical companies in the entire Shangyu Control shall be within 90, and In the next few years, some dye additive factories will also be shut down. In addition, the Environmental Protection Department's East China Environmental Protection Supervision Center will also conduct a comprehensive environmental inspection on the chemical pollution companies in Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, in the near future. It will not only conduct spot checks on major polluting enterprises, but also conduct stringent investigations of complaints or excessive standards. The strict implementation of the Jiangsu “263” special action in another dye-producing province also resulted in direct shutdown of the disperse dye production enterprises in the Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park.
At the same time, the price of intermediates for disperse dyes has risen sharply, and the price of hexachloro chloride has risen by more than 260% year-on-year, and there has also been a shortage of other dye intermediates such as hexabromo. Among them, the dispersion of filter cake raw materials by the supply of environmental protection manufacturers to stop production pressure, scattered 288 orange, 93 purple, 291 blue prices.

The recent introduction of environmental taxes has also had a huge impact on some dye production companies. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce decided to conduct anti-dumping investigations on phenol, an important raw material for dyes, which also affected the trend of dye prices.

In addition, due to the improvement of the global textile industry and the downstream printing and dyeing companies are in full season, the contradiction between supply and demand in the dye market is further aggravated.
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