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As one of the three elements of clothing fabrics with people is higher and higher degree of attention to the fashion, the importance of the fabric with more and more important, the role of the fabric is to meet the requirements of all kinds of clothing, can create all kinds of style, the image of the clothing, manifests the clothing and appearance of the different connotation, make people on the physiological and psychological satisfaction.

The fabric has thin, thick, light, soft, firm, elastic, drape and other differences.Different fabrics determine the softness, fluidity, clarity and rigidity of clothing by their shape characteristics, drape and elasticity.Light, thin, pre -, soft fabric drape well, clothing elegant, dynamic strong;Thick, solid, firm, stiff fabrics, clothing profile clear, straight shape.When choosing fabrics, consider the modeling characteristics of different fabrics, and choose the appropriate fabric that can express the style of the fabric to make the clothing performance show.
Different colors, patterns, glossiness, surface texture, texture, look and feel, give people with different feelings, can form a variety of different clothing styles.For example, red feels warm, warm, festive, blue feels cold, clean, rational, etc.Round pattern feels soft, rhombic pattern feels firm;Shiny fabrics feel gorgeous, rich;The surface is neat and flat fabric feels delicate and refreshing;The smooth fabric feels cool.
Take sex to fabrics to have different performance requirement, some give priority to with comfortable sex, some emphasize firm sex, some pay attention to warm sex, some care the beauty of the appearance.The mechanical durability, wearing comfort, appearance, sensory, antifouling, moisture absorption and wrinkle resistance of the fabric affect the wearing performance of the garment.
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