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How to Choose Cotton lining of Uniform Fabric

Cotton lining of Uniform Fabric performance and quality requirements

How to Choose Cotton lining of Uniform Fabric

(I) properties of cotton lining cotton fiber is a single-cell cellulose fiber, a cell is a fiber, the main component of cotton fiber is cellulose, in addition, there are fat, sugar, ash and some water-soluble substances, cotton lining has all the characteristics of cotton fiber.
1.The strength of cotton fabric mainly depends on the length of cotton fiber and the number of twists. The longer the length of fiber, the greater the number of twists, and the greater the strength. The finished products woven have good firmness and wear resistance.
2.Elastic cotton fiber has poor elasticity, so the cotton fabric is easy to wrinkle.
3.Hygroscopic cotton fiber is porous material, the molecule contains large hydrophilic structure, so the hygroscopic property is better, the air permeability is also better, the inner material made with it is soft and comfortable.
4.Warm cotton fiber is a poor conductor with hot tears in the eye. The inner cavity of cotton fiber is filled with stagnant air. As a result, cotton cloth has better insulation and excellent performance.
5.Dyed cotton fabric with good dyeing performance, bright color, color complete, and matching fabric.
6.Other properties of cotton fabric alkali resistance, acid resistance, heat resistance and light resistance.

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