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How to do Well Cotton Lining of Uniform Fabric

Technical Requirements For Cotton Lining of Uniform Fabric
Width within 100cm: allowable deviation - 1.0cm ~ +2.0cm
Width: 100 ~ 140cm: allowable deviation -1.5cm ~ +2.5cm
Width above 140cm: allowable deviation -2.0cm ~ +3.0cm
The density of 2.
Fabric without major finishing: allowed deviation - 1.5%7+6
Large finishing preshrunk and fleece: permissible deviation - 2.5%
(note: assessment is not done for confidential information, but the total number of data shall not be changed arbitrarily.)
2. Dyeing fastness
Soaping fastness
Reductive dye: the original color fades 3 levels;White cloth color 4
Other dyes: the original color is faded 3.The white cloth is stained with grade 3
Sulphur blue: the original color fades 3;White cloth stained with 2 ~ 3 grades
Friction fastness
Reducing dye: grade 3 ~ 4 of dry rub;Wet rubbing level 3
Other dyes: grade 3 dry rub;Wet rubbing level 2
Sulphur blue: dry rub 3;Wet rubbing level 2

How to do well Cotton lining of Uniform Fabric

3. The shrinkage

Large finishing and preshrunk fabric: warp direction not less than -5%;Latitude should be no less than -5%
Standard large finish: no less than -6%.Latitude should be no less than -5%
Common materials and USES
Cotton fabric lining
(1) the fabric is mainly city cloth, rough cloth and plain cloth. The fabric is strong and wear-resistant, and the inner material of cotton clothes is warm and comfortable.
(2) the cotton/dimensional blend fabric can be used as the lining material of the low-grade suit.
Silk fabrics and the use of pure silk fabrics materials in the class of solid, dirt resistant, soft and comfortable, shrinkage of about 5%, silk wadding and velvet apparel ideal materials.
Pure chemical fiber fabrics and chemical fiber interwoven materials
(1) pure chemical fiber fabric, strong and wear-resistant, smooth and crisp, mainly used as the material in down jacket and jacket.
(2) the silks and satins of rayon interwoven are smooth and soft, comfortable and firm, wear-resistant, and ideal for suits, fur coats, woolen coats and down jackets.
(3) the silk-satin lining of artificial silk has a smooth surface, soft and smooth feel, and the color is soft and not close-fitting. It is mainly used in the lining of velvet clothing.
(4) the cotton weft twill made of artificial silk and cotton yarn is shiny, hard and smooth. It is suitable for the lining of casual clothes.

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