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School uniforms originated in Europe.The school uniform dress code for management.Generally, students will be required to wear uniforms in the major activities of the school. The school uniform has the school emblem, which directly affects the school image.In the daily life of the school, wearing school uniform can show students' vigor and vitality, which is also the hallmark of students' youth.
In meaning
1. Uniforms can make students distinguish other members of the society in their sense of identity, so they have their own binding force and have a symbolic meaning.
2. Uniforms can also produce a sense of equality, which is of positive significance to avoid the occurrence of competition in the campus.
3. Uniforms can also give students a sense of collective honor, work together to enhance the school's ethos.
School uniform on the market in general has three kinds of synthetic fiber fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, fabrics, synthetic fiber fabric is in fashion fabrics for years, because of its unique style, color variety, washable quick-drying, easy care, such as strength, widely used in the industries of uniform customization, silk products are artificial, tower, er, washer velvet, etc;Warp knitted fabric is also widely used in fabrics, because the fabric of warp knitted fabric is elastic, comfortable and smooth, flexible, wearing a combination of advantages, it is popular with students.The products include gold, velvet, polyester, cotton, etc.Cotton fabric has the advantages of soft feel, strong absorption, and many kinds of colors. It is suitable for the school uniform of sports type, and the products are cotton cloth and polyester.
school uniform fabric For SaleSchool uniforms
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