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Small knowledge in 6 Elastic Fibers

The textile knowledge we have learned is relatively simple. If you understand from the roots, you will know that textiles are more than just those fabrics: Pocket Cloth, Canvas Fabric, Uniform Fabric....

1.Polyolefin elastic fibers (DOW XLA fibers)
Polyolefin elastic fibers are obtained from polyene thermoplastic elastomers by melt spinning.The XLA, introduced by DOW Chemical in 2002, is the first commercial polyolefin elastic fiber, which is made by melt spinning of polyethylene-octene copolymer (POE) catalyzed by metallocene catalyst.
It has good elasticity, 500% of the breaking elongation, can withstand temperatures up to 220 ℃, resistance to chlorine bleaching and acid alkali treatment, and has a strong uv radiation degradation of performance.Its production process is simpler, the raw material price is lower than polyurethane, and the production process produces little pollution and is easy to recycle.Polyolefin elastic fibers are widely used in recent years because of their excellent properties.
2.Hard elastic fiber
Some fibers made under special processing conditions, such as polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), etc., are not easily deformed under low stress (because they have higher modulus), but under high stress, especially under low temperature, they also have better elasticity. Therefore, these fibers are called hard elastic fibers.
At present, hard elastic fibers are not widely used in textiles, but because their elastic characteristics are different from soft elastic fibers, some special textiles can be developed.
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