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The Change of Fiber After Mercerization

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1. Morphological structure
Fiber diameter increases, it become the longitudinal natural distortion rate change (80% to 14.5%), cross section by kidney deformation for the oval, round, even cell shrinkage for a bit, if apply proper tension, increase fiber roundness, surface wrinkles disappear, the original surface smoothness, optical performance improvement (by diffuse reflection of light into a more direct reflection), increased the intensity of the reflected light, the fabric shows a silky sheen.
The change of fiber shape in fabric is the main reason to produce luster, and the tension is the main factor to enhance the luster.
2. Microstructure
Crystallinity left (70% - 50%), write amorphous region, make originally in the water and the hydroxyl and, therefore fiber adsorption of dye and chemical properties are improved, on the other hand, because after mercerizing, fiber morphology change, surface and internal light scattering to reduce, so with the concentration of dye, the dyeing depth increases.
After the fiber swelling, hydrogen bonds between macromolecules are separated. Under the action of tension, the arrangement of macromolecules tends to be neat, which increases the orientation. Meanwhile, the uneven deformation on the fiber surface is eliminated and the weak links are reduced.The fiber can evenly share the external force, thus reducing the fracture phenomenon caused by stress concentration.In addition, the expanded and rearranged fibers stick closely to each other, which reduces the breaking factor caused by macromolecular slip.
3. Changes in molecular structure
After the cotton fibers swell in concentrated alkali solution, the hydrogen bonds between the macromolecular chains are disassembled, and the internal stresses stored in the fabric are relieved. By stretching, macromolecular orientations are made, and new molecular bonds are established in new positions, and the intermolecular forces are greater than before swelling.Finally, under tension, the hydrogen bonds between the aligned fibers are fixed (in a more natural, stable state), and the fibers are in a lower energy state, so the dimensions are stable.
The main factors of mercerizing process
The basic conditions of mercerization are the concentration, temperature, action time.

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