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Twill Uniform Fabrics Of Work

Folding comfort and durability.
Because work clothes are the clothes that the staff wear the longest time, so must be comfortable and durable, the uniform fabric of work outfit basically has this one characteristic!
Gongshuang: the polyester fiber is very broad, but also viscose fiber soft, after the high temperature treatment, the fabric is close and luxuriant, resilient, easy to wash, anti-wrinkle.
Full-process polyester: clear grain, smooth surface, no fading, no ball, water proof, easy to wash.
Full process polyester yarn card: the spinning road is clear, the cloth surface is clean and thick, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, anti-wear and washing, soaking wet.
Chef ge: feel soft and comfortable, moisture absorption and air permeability, no ball, it is the chef's choice of fabrics.
Seiko: of polyester filament and cotton fabrics used, twill for face, cloth cover both chemical anti-wrinkle, the effect of anti pilling (maoist), and do not break on the back of cotton and comfortable, wet absorption of the gas properties.
Antistatic silk: imported conductive fiber, chemical fiber as raw material to be processed by advanced technology, suitable for oil, chemical, electronic, coal and other conductive industries.
High quality Oxford spinning: made of polyester fiber and double cotton, with a clear pattern, a combination of point net, high cotton content, comfortable wearing, and so on.
Full cotton card: the grain is clear, the cloth is clean and thick, not easy to fade, anti-pilling, dimension stability, anti-wear and washing, moisture absorption, not easy to produce static electricity, good for skin affinity.
Whole process polyester flat: it is very broad and anti-wrinkle, with good draping, smooth and smooth surface, moisture absorption, wear-resistant ball, strong color fastness, and good polyester effect!
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