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Uniqlo Under The Chinese Double Eleven Festival

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The number of transactions on nov 11 stood at $213.5bn.For each category, the Tmall men's wear brand ranking is listed in the top three: Uniqlo/ Uniqlo, GXG, PEACEBIRD/ PEACEBIRD.The top three brands for women's wear are Uniqlo/ Uniqlo, ONLY, VERO MODA
With the double 11, uniqlo has once again declared its status in the industry.
The world's third-largest apparel retailer, Asia's largest, has kept a low profile.By taking advantage of the "double eleven" opportunity, we took stock of the dynamics of uniqlo in the past year. It can be found that uniqlo is trying to use digital tools to integrate online and offline, and at the same time to improve operational efficiency, it USES technology and technology to interpret users' needs and satisfy them.And this is the key to uniqlo's sales of over $100 million in 35 seconds.
Our company mainly produces garment fabrics.Uniform Fabric,Pocketing Fabric,canvas fabric.
Uniqlo under the Chinese double eleven festival
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