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What Factors Affect Fabric Price

Differences in the cost of dyeing and printing,it is will affect the price of the fabric.

Different dyeing factory, the processing dyeing printing fabric of the unit price is different, so why would the dyeing fee be different?

What factors affect fabric price

First, the scale of the dyeing factory is different. Generally speaking, the dyeing factory with large management regulations will be a little higher than the small one, which is of course the living space of the small one.
Second, each dyeing factory's technical level, the craft is somewhat different, certainly the level high dyeing factory's dyeing fee will be a little higher, the cloth comes out quality, from the cloth surface gloss, cloth each physics standard, also is improved somewhat.
Third, influence the dyeing fee, as well as a dye, is now manufacturing dyes, dye house choice of dye is good, chemical index of the fabric will be better, now we require fabric environmental protection, especially the export of fabrics, all need to detect any chemical composition is not up to standard, so the environmental protection performance is high, can ensure that government or testing requirements, dyeing fee will be high, on the other hand, tend to be more low.Of course the dye, in the absence of contrast, is invisible to the naked eye.Therefore, there is a difference between 0.2-1.5 yuan in the dyeing fee.

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