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What Kind of Fabric Cheongsam Put on to be Either Rich or Expensive

What Kind of Fabric Cheongsam, Put on to be Either Rich or Expensive?

Qipao fabric: generally there are brocade, brocade, satins, electrical spinning, hangluo, silk, hemp, tussah silk, silk silk, mulberry silk, castor silk, xiangyun yarn, silk, silk, plain crepe satin, georgette velvet, gold jade satin and so on.
fabric cheongsam
One of China's traditional silk weaving varieties.Brocade was developed on the basis of southern brocade in late 19th century.Modern brocade can be divided into nine kinds by raw materials: silk brocade, human silk brocade, mixed brocade and gold and silver brocade.Exquisite patterns, brilliant colors, close and thick texture, smooth surface gloss, is the representative of China's silk varieties.
The fabric of brocade is soft and smooth, with heavy texture and drape.Bright and gorgeous colors, accompanied by auspicious, rich and other implication of the word pattern, very noble temperament, the general ancient people wearing either rich or expensive, is also a status and status symbol.
The cost of the fabric itself is high because of the complexity of the process.So now it usually appears on wedding occasions.
The brocade is woven with gold thread and silver thread, among which the yun brocade in nanjing has been called tribute since ancient times and is also the best among the brocade, and has been listed as a national intangible heritage.

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